Les Rencontres d’Arles is a great chance for us to shine our spotlight and is too good an opportunity to miss!


With Sara Imloul, Das Schloss we are taken off on another photographic quest, once again juxtaposing shadow and light, mystery and poetry.


From Lucien Clergue, we sometimes think we know it all, the nudes of the wave, "los toros"... This Arlesian – passionate lover of the Camargue, with a deeply Mediterranean eye – was behind the meetings with Jean-Maurice Rouquette and Michel Tournier. The film à la mort à la vie restores all of his depth and also his complexity, and pays homage to the man without whom photography would not have the same institutional recognition today.


Another photographer expresses the eternal South like few can. By turning his back on the bursts and flashes of bright colours, Bernard Plossu photographs Italia discreta, revealing it with its nuanced palette and timeless moments. In Thomas Goupille's film instantanés this rare artist quite simply shares his images with us over coffee in La Ciotat, to the song of the crickets...


Sara Imloul  is exhibiting at the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz foundation, Lucien Clergue is honoured in Toulon, in particular at Maison de la Photographie, and Italia Discreta by Bernard Plossu is presented at the Musée Granet, Aix-en-Provence.



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Articles linked to this Carte Blanche

Das Schloss : An Interview With Sara Imloul
Sara Imloul by Sara Imloul

Das Schloss : An Interview With Sara Imloul

linked to Sara Imloul | Das Schloss

Emmanuel Bacquet: Sara Imloul, it's been five years since DK2R came to film you at work. While putting together your Das Schloss series, you explore a very personal visual poetry thanks to the view camera and paper duplicates, giving the prints a timeless appearance. Since then you've created other series, in particular Passages, which won you the Prix Levallois. Could you tell us more about your recent journey?

Snapshots / Bernard Plossu: The Eye of Emmanuel Bacquet
Emmanuel Bacquet by Emmanuel Bacquet

Snapshots / Bernard Plossu: The Eye of Emmanuel Bacquet

linked to Bernard Plossu | Snapshots

He's not keen on legends under photographs, pregnant with meaning. Nor is he keen on the "legendary photographer" tag. "Plo" doesn't stand on ceremony. He doesn't need to. He avoids interviews, because what matters is in his photos, and talking about the rest is of secondary importance. "Photography for photography's sake." Confidences and comments are reserved for friends and family. His words have the same accuracy as his photographic writing; lucid, direct. 

Further exploration




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