The InCadaqués Festival, held in one of the most beautiful villages on the Mediterranean coast, has offered every year for 6 years, an immersion in the world of images and those who create them. For ten days, the city becomes a space of expression for photographers from all over the world. All the emblematic places of the city are the natural setting of an in situ scenography. Art galleries and cultural centres, bars and restaurants join forces to host the event. Both educational and artistic, InCadaqués invites visitors to enjoy a unique photographic experience. An intimate and festive event, where the proximity with the guest artists is the basis of the concept.

This year, InCadaqués is partnering with The Darkroom Rumour to present a selection of films that echo the festival's programme, including the "Masters of prints" series, which documents the work of Carlos Barrantes, whose prints will be shown at Philippine Shaefer's exhibition, and Diamantino Quintas, with his wonderful prints of works by Thomas Mailaender – artist in residence this year at Casa Salvador Dalí – and the mysterious artist Kurama to be discovered at the Casino de Cadaqués. The selection of films that will be screened during the festival will also highlight the great photographers of history, who are an inexhaustible source of inspiration, such as Joel Meyerowitz, Robert Frank and Willy Ronis.



InCadaqués 2022 | 6th edition
From Sept. 29th to October 9th | Cadaqués, Spain

Free screenings of InCadaquès 2022's Film Selection will take place between October 1st and October 7th  @Teatre Art I Joia. See the program below.

The film Carlos Barrantes | Artist and artisan will be in FREE ACCESS on our platform until October, 30th!


Poster photo credit : Denisse Ariana Pérez

InCadaqués 2022 Film Selection

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Articles linked to this Carte Blanche

Robert Frank: An interview with Gerald Fox
Gerald Fox by Gerald Fox

Robert Frank: An interview with Gerald Fox

linked to Robert Frank | Leaving Home, Coming Home

British film director Gerald Fox has produced many portraits of artists, photographers in particular. But Robert Frank, while being an artist who opens up about his own life through his work, was nonetheless a man of mystery, complicated, withdrawn from the world. Gerald Fox revisits the story of this film, just like Frank himself, with its ups and downs, but above all exciting and human.

WR, A Day in Oradour: interview with Patrick Séraudie
Patrick Séraudie by Patrick Séraudie

WR, A Day in Oradour: interview with Patrick Séraudie

linked to Willy Ronis | WR, A Day in Oradour

Patrick Séraudie, a filmmaker specializing in history subjects, and the Second World War in particular, made the documentary “WR, A Day in Oradour” with Willy Ronis. A conversation about the photographer’s memories and the international history of the “Peace Movement”. Patrick Séraudie first met the photographer while preparing the film Self-portrait of a Photographer, of which he was the producer.

Useful informations

Screening location



Teatre Art i Joia
Carrer Vigilant, 11, 17488 Cadaqués, Girona, Spain
+34 972 25 82 31

Friday, September 30th @10am
Roland Dufau | Cibachrome Printer
The Darkroom Masters | Diamantino Quintas
Carlos Barrantes | Artist and artisan


Sunday, October  2nd @8pm
Joel Meyerowitz – The Pulse of the Street


Wednesday, October  5th @7pm
Willy Ronis, Selfportrait of a Photographer


Friday, October  7th @7pm
Leaving Home, Coming Home : A Portrait of Robert Frank