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May 2021
Crime Scenes
Crime Scenes
Alexis Cordesse
David Goldblatt & Mikhael Subotzky
#05 - May 2021

Representations of violence

Shomei Tomatsu photographs a simple watch, stopped at 11:02. Found in the Nagasaki debris after 9 August 1945, it evokes the thousands of lives that also stopped at that moment.

The power of suggestion is often stronger than the obscene image of death.

Traces become the subject for certain photographers who put hypothesis before hyperbole.

Forensic photographers routinely record clues at Crime Scenes, isolating traces of blood by fluorescence, noting positions... Thomas Goupille sheds light on this secret work.

As for Alexis Cordesse, he headed for the heart of disputed territories to meet Populations in Danger. Among Rwanda's scars of mass graves and broken-down infrastructure; he focused on the traces of genocide. His simple images show "the banality of evil".

In South Africa, a land built on violence, David Goldblatt and Mikhael Subotzky reflect on the way photography represents violence, in Violent Times.

The reflection continues with articles and exclusive DK2R interviews: sound creator Nicolas Becker (winner of the 2021 Oscar for best sound, no less!), talks about his work with stills, and Nathalie Masduraud and Valérie Urréa revisit the series Chromatic Existences, to be found each month in DK2R.

Finally, in the central article André Rouillé invites us to take a step back from this historical challenge of photography: to represent the unrepresentable.

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Here’s to all the men and women who, in their laboratories, unassumingly dedicate themselves to Photographers and to promoting Photography...
- Diamantino Quintas, Hand-printer

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