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- Alexis Cordesse
DK2R Team

Presenting your photographs is the final step in the creative process. 
A good wine in a plastic cup will find few takers. But served in a crystal decanter, even a modest wine can make a big impression!

You can be daring; there is no hard and fast rule, but it has to be thought out, it has to make sense according to the pictures. 
Selecting photographs, increasing their impact through presentation... a photographer's work improves through mastery of the whole chain. 
But whether they choose a book, an exhibition, framing, assembling a slide show, uploading, or even presenting a few prints from a box, they will have to avoid doing too much, and avoid doing too little.

 This cycle invites you to discover a selection of inspiring films from this angle. 
Through the various modes of presentation chosen by photographers, we hope to spark your own ideas for showing your images... with precision, but without moderation, of course!


Films on the theme

Sound in the service of photography

This film will reveal an original way to show your photographs. By filming with a rostrum camera, editing, and combining it with sound.

Former photojournalist Alexis Cordesse goes to Rwanda two years after the genocide. How to photograph the traces of violence? How to give them a voice? Sound designer Nicolas Becker mixes radio archives from the time of the massacres with the voices heard during the second commemoration.

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Framing the final presentation

This film will guide you through the multiple choices and subtleties of framing photographs. The various materials, their tone, all possible formats, Patrick Bouteloup and Didier Le Tumelin from CIRCAD fit frame to image, while listening closely to the artists.

And the job isn't quite done when the photo's in a frame. You still have to transport the images, find a proper place for them in the exhibition and choose the best colour for the walls.

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• 2010 LUCIEN & RODOLPHE HERVÉ PRICE CATALOGUE - artist: Alexis Cordesse ; 2010 ; Vimagies editions ; French   

• 50 ANS DE PHOTOGRAPHIE FRANÇAISE - signé par Michel Poivert ; 2019 ; Textuel ; French

• COLLECTING PICTURE AND PHOTO FRAMES - author: Stuart Schneider ; 1998 ; Schiffer Publishing Ltd (US)


• LA JETÉE - Chris Marker - 1962 - 28 min

• SI J’AVAIS 4 DROMADAIRES - Chris Marker - 1966 - 52 min

• SALUT LES CUBAINS - Agnès Varda - 1963 - 30 min

• ULYSSE - Agnès Varda - 1982 - 22 min

• COLLOQUE DES CHIENS - Raoul Ruiz - 1977 - 22 min