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The Darkroom Rumour:
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Every image tells a story, each photographer has their own world. Remember the first time you held a camera, that thrill, that emotion of capturing a unique, fleeting moment? The Darkroom Rumour invites you to relive that magic, to dive behind the scenes of photography, to uncover its secrets and to immerse yourself in an endless source of inspiration.

Our unique collection of feature films and original documentaries, together with unpublished articles, exclusive interviews and precious resources, offers a broad view of the world of photography and invites you to look at it from a fresh, rich and nuanced perspective.


About us...
The Darkroom Rumour grew out of a passion for photography and a desire to fill the glaring gap in its representation on television and streaming platforms. The brainchild of a director working with a team made up of a film historian, a producer, a web professional, graphic designers and teachers - all photography enthusiasts with very different sensibilities - The Darkroom Rumour aims to be a sanctuary for all photography lovers.

Each film is carefully selected and each creation reflects a vision. Every month, we add one or two new films to our collection, offering even more food for thought and inspiration.


Your personal journey
Photography is a journey, a quest for beauty, emotion, truth... With The Darkroom Rumour, we aim to provide you with tools that can enrich this journey. Whether you're passionate about photography, film, design or simply visual art, you'll explore the techniques of the masters, marvel at unique perspectives and, above all, find the inspiration to develop or enrich your own (photo)graphic universe.

Our space is a melting pot of styles, genres and visions, a place where everyone can learn, grow and have fun. It's a playground of freedom and exploration, designed to support you at every stage of your personal journey.


A simple and flexible access...
Freedom is at the heart of our philosophy. We understand that modern life is hectic, which is why The Darkroom Rumour is designed to adapt to you. You can access our collection by streaming, wherever you are in the world and whenever it suits you, on computer, tablet, mobile, connected TV...

Our access plans are flexible and suitable for all budgets. You can opt for annual access or a monthly pass, and if you are a student, unemployed or experiencing financial difficulties, you can benefit from a reduced rate.

Finally, for those who are still on the fence, our 7-day free trial lets you dive into the world of The Darkroom Rumour risk-free and without obligation.

So let yourself be inspired, nourished and entertained...


Thomas Goupille
Director & founder of The Darkroom Rumour