The Darkroom Rumour

Inspire your photography

Films in an original magazine…

Discover the world of photography through a selection of  reference documentaries, original creations, unpublished articles and exclusive interviews.

A new issue, new films and articles every month.

Circuits that will inspire your photography

The Darkroom Rumour introduces films, identifies content, proposes themes and circuits, links and references, so that you spend more time watching films than choosing them…

Articles and interviews accompany the films

The Darkroom Rumour is a new kind of editorial encounter that invites you to discover an art that has become a daily practice. It's an audiovisual journal  that intends to inspire and cultivate the practice and the world of photography.

Accessible on all your devices, whenever you like

Accessible on all your devices, whenever you like

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The Darkroom Rumour is available anytime, via streaming, anywhere in the world, on your TV, computer, tablet and mobile.