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Through the environments and atmospheres that move me, I search for resonance with my inner feelings.
- Alexandre Deschaumes
DK2R Team

Originally a pictorial genre, the landscape holds the same challenge for photographers as for painters: how to convey the feeling of immensity in a rectangle? Beyond that, it's also (for the photographer) a physical adventure, an immersion in the very matter of his image, because he doesn't pose his subject in front of him, he places himself in the middle of it. And some choose the detail, the game: a few stones or leaves intentionally scattered, or even the search for wildlife. Very soon, nature asserts itself and photography allows us to breathe...

Films on the theme

On the Trail of the Snow Leopard | Frédéric & Olivier Larrey

Braving the elements for a glimpse of wildlife mystique.

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The Snow Leopard

In the spectacular landscapes of Tibet, 'twixt heaven and earth, naturalist/photographers the Larrey brothers take us along on a full-scale expedition on the trail of the snow leopard.
The discomfort of the hide, patience, hypoxia, extreme climatic conditions... 

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Alexandre Deschaumes | The Quest for Inspiration

Hostile terrain, wild beauty, extreme photography...

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Alexandre Deschaumes | The Quest for Inspiration

This film will place you right alongside Alexandre Deschaumes, photographer of the extreme. In farthest Patagonia, Iceland, in wild environments, alone or in small teams, he hunts down the naked beauty of hostile lands, seeking the dream angle. Among these desert regions, without trace of any humans, he defies both fatigue and the elements, and ultimately transforms his emotions into landscapes by placing humans there.

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Still Not There, Arno Rafael Minkkinen

Nude, natural, and nuanced: The art of Arno Rafael Minkkinen.

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Minkkinen's human landscapes

This film will immerse you in the grandiose Finnish landscapes, through the prism of pranks of the naked body of the photographer Arno Minkkinen. Because it is in dialogue with his own nudity that the photographer reveals the purity of the fjords, the fragility of all bodies and of life.

He plays with nature, sometimes extending it, defying it, and finally creating extraordinary abstract forms to which he holds the secret. His cut-outs of the naked body in particular settings, despite everything, seem universal.

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• VOYAGE ÉTHÉRÉ - artist and author: Alexandre Deschaumes ; 2016 ; Escourbiac ; French

• AU FIL DES SONGES - artist: Vincent Munier ; author: Vincent Munier, Michel Munier and Charlélie Couture ; 2010 ; Kobalann Eds ; French