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Terms of Sale and Use

 Welcome to thedarkroomrumour.com!

The Darkroom Rumour is an audiovisual platform that offers subscribers multimedia content (audio, video, pictures, written text, etc.). It is published by cinq26 SAS (hereinafter referred to as “cinq26”), a limited liability company organized under and pursuant to the laws of France.

 cinq26 SAS offers online subscriptions to The Darkroom Rumour. These Terms of use govern your use of the service. As used herein, the terms “service,” “our service” or “the service” mean the service provided by thedarkroomrumour.com providing access to the content, features, user interfaces and software solutions offered on the thedarkroomrumour.com website.

1. Subscription and Access.
Various offers are available in the form of monthly or annual subscriptions. Monthly subscriptions renew automatically each month unless they are cancelled. Annual service subscriptions are billed once, when they are purchased and they are also renewed automatically. Unless you cancel your subscription before your (monthly or annual) renewal date, you authorize us to bill the subscription fee for the next month or the next year according to your payment method (see “Cancellation” below). To use the thedarkroomrumour.com service online, you need internet access and a device that supports the thedarkroomrumour.com service and you must provide us with an up-to-date, valid and accepted payment method that you may change at any time (the “Payment Method”). You will find the specific details of your subscription to the thedarkroomrumour.com service by visiting our website and clicking on the Your Account link on the thedarkroomrumour.com website.


 2. Free Trials
The Darkroom Rumour can sometimes offers a free trial period. If so, this free trial period begins when you click on “Begin my free trial,” select a subscription and complete the subscription process. The free trial period for your subscription lasts 7 days or as otherwise specified. Free trials are reserved for new subscribers and certain old users. The Darkroom Rumour reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to determine your eligibility for a free trial.

 We start billing the subscription fee to the payment method you provide at the end of the free trial period, unless you cancel your subscription before the end of this trial period. To display the specific details of your free trial or of your subscription, click on the “my information” section in the subscriber space on our website.

 You will never receive any notification from us that your free trial period is over and that the paid part of your subscription has begun. We will continue to bill your subscription fee to your payment method until you cancel the service.


3. Subscription Billing
We use the Stripe payment platform to handle payments, billing and managing subscriptions for all of our services. At no time do cinq26 or the thedarkroomrumour.com website have any access to payment information.

  1. Billing Cycle. Subscription fees for our service are billed each month or each year according to your Payment Method on the calendar day corresponding to the date on which your paid subscription started. In some cases, the schedule of your payment may vary, for example, if your Payment Method does not work or if your paid subscription began on a day that does not appear in a given month. Go to our website and click on the My Account page to see the date of your next billing. In connection with annual subscriptions, you will be informed of the renewal of your subscription a few days in advance and you will be free to refuse it. To do so, go to our website and click on the My Account page and cancel your subscription. Subscription renewals are at the same price as the initial subscription, not including any discounts or special offers proposed at the time of the first subscription or of a subscription renewal. In such a case, please refer to the terms of the offer or of the discount used.
  2. Payment Method. You can pay for your subscription using the Payment Methods offered by the thedarkroomrumour.com website when you purchase your subscription. You can change your Payment Method by going to our website and clicking on the My Account page. If a payment does not go through because of the expiration of a payment card, insufficient funds in an account or for any other reason related to the invalidity of the Payment Method, we reserve the right to suspend your access to our service until a valid Payment Method is provided. You authorize us to continue to bill you for this/these fee(s) via the Payment Method selected, once it is updated, and you accept that you owe any amount unpaid. Such a situation may result in a change in your billing dates. For some Payment Methods, the issuers of the Payment Method may charge you fees for foreign exchange transactions or other fees. Please contact the issuer of your Payment Method for further information.
  3. Cancellation of Service. You can cancel your subscription online at thedarkroomrumour.com at any time and you will continue to be able to access the service until the end of your billing period. We do not give refunds or credits for periods of partial use of the service or for content not viewed. To cancel your subscription, go to the My Account page and follow the instructions. If you cancel your subscription, your account will be shut down automatically at the end of your current billing period. To know when your account will be shut down, go to your My Account page.
  4. Price and Service Offering Changes. We may change our service offering as well as the price of our service from time to time. However, all changes in the price of our service or of our service offering will be applicable to you only after a period of no less than 30 days after you receive an email from us notifying you of the change(s).


4. The thedarkroomrumour.com Service

  1. You must be 18 years old or have reached the legal age applicable in your province, your territory or your country, in order to subscribe to the thedarkroomrumour.com service. Minors can use the service only under the supervision of an adult.
  2. cinq26 SARL and/or its partners own the exclusive intellectual property rights on and to the structure and the content of the thedarkroomrumour.com website on a worldwide basis.
  3. The service proposed on thedarkroomrumour.com, as well as all content viewed through the service, is reserved for solely personal and non-commercial use. During the period of your subscription, we grant you a restricted, non-exclusive and non-transferable license that enables you to access the service and the thedarkroomrumour.com content. With the exception of the abovementioned restricted license, no right, title or interest is granted to you. You accept not to use the service for purposes of public performances.
  4. You can access the services and content of thedarkroomrumour.com in country in which you created your account and solely in the geographic areas where we offer our service.
  5. You accept to use the thedarkroomrumour.com service, including all associated options and features, in accordance with all applicable statutes, rules and regulations, or restrictions relating to the use of the service or the content offered. You pledge not to archive, download, reproduce, distribute, alter, display, execute, publish, grant, create derivative works, sell or use (except with the express authorization mentioned in these Terms of use) the content and the information of the thedarkroomrumour.com service (or obtained as a result of it). You also pledge not to: circumvent, remove, alter, deactivate, destroy or cause to fail the protections of the content in connection with the thedarkroomrumour.com service; use BOTs, web crawlers, web harvesting tools, or other automated technologies to access the thedarkroomrumour.com service; decompile, do reverse engineering or disassemble any software, product or process accessible through the thedarkroomrumour.com service; insert any code or product, or manipulate the content of the thedarkroomrumour.com service in any manner whatsoever; or use any method of explore, collect or extract data. Likewise, you pledge not to load, display, send by email or sent or transmit in any manner whatsoever any content aimed at disrupting, destroying or restricting the features of any software solution or any computer or telecommunications equipment associated with the thedarkroomrumour.com service, including any virus or other code, computer file or program. We can cancel or restrict your use of our service if you violate these Terms of Use or if you use the service unlawfully or inappropriately.
  6. The quality of the display of movies streamed may vary from one computer or device to the next and may be affected by various factors such as your location, the bandwidth available and the speed of your internet connection. To obtain SD quality, your system must have a minimum connection speed at 0.5 megabits/second. However, we recommend a higher speed connection in order to improve the video quality. The availability of HD depends on your internet connection and the capacities of your device. All the content is not available in HD. A download speed of at least 5 megabits/second is recommended to be able to watch HD content, which is defined as 720 pixels or more. You are responsible for your internet service fees. Please contact your internet service provider for further information about any internet data use charges. The time that elapses before you are able to watch a movie or video may vary depending on a number of factors, such as your location, the bandwidth available when you are looking at the movie selected and the setting of your device compatible with thedarkroomrumour.com.
  7. The streaming software used by thedarkroomrumour.com was designed by Vimeo and is used to stream the content of thedarkroomrumour.com on devices that support the Vimeo player. This software can vary according to the device and media used; features may also vary depending on the device. By using our service, you acknowledge that it may require the use of the software of a third party subject to the licensing terms of such third parties.


5. Passwords and Account Access

  1. A user who creates and account on thedarkroomrumour.com and is charged a subscription or access fee according to the Payment Method selected (the “Account Holder”) has access to the thedarkroomrumour.com account and has control of it. In order to maintain control of the account and prevent anyone from accessing it (and accessing information about the browsing history on it), the Account Holder must not disclose to anyone either their password or details about the Payment Method associated with the account (for example, the last four digits of their credit or debit card or their email if they use PayPal). You are responsible for updating and maintaining accurate information concerning your account.
  2. Please use caution when you receive messages inviting you to provide information relating to your bank card or our account. Providing such information in response to such solicitations may result in identity theft. You should always access your confidential information directly on the thedarkroomrumour.com website and not by clicking on a link in an email or in any other electronic communication that you may receive, even if the email may appear official. We may cancel or suspend your account in order to protect you, as well as thedarkroomrumour.com or its partners from any identity theft or any other fraudulent activity.


6. Governing Law.
These Terms of use are governed by the laws of France and any dispute that cannot be settled out-of-court will be adjudicated in a court of law.


7. Warranty and Liability
cinq26 may not be held liable for any malfunction and/or any disruption of the availability of the service related to or arising from an event of force majeure.

cinq26 does not provide internet service. Therefore, cinq26 may not be held liable for any poor functioning and/or unsatisfactory internet service nor may it be held liable for any indirect, consequential and/or incidental damages arising from or related to the functioning of internet service.

cinq26 may not be held liable in the event of any disappearance, loss, deterioration, and in particular in case of any damage liable to alter the user’s computer equipment.

Hypertext links may direct you to other websites. cinq26 may not be held liable in the event that the content of such websites violates any applicable statutory and/or regulatory provisions.

cinq26 may not be held liable in the event of the failure to comply with the legislation of the country where the programs are streamed.

You may have occasion to use third-party applications (including, but not limited to, websites, widgets, software solution or other utilities software solutions) the “Applications”) that interact with the thedarkroomrumour.com service. Your use of these Applications may be subject to third-party terms of use or license terms.


8. Customer Support
For further about our service and its features or if you need support with your account, please contact us by email: contact.


9. Severability
If one or more provisions of these Terms of use is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will remain valid, legal and enforceable.


10. Changes to the Terms of Use
thedarkroomrumour.com may, from time to time, amend the Terms of Use. We will inform you at least 30 days before the new Terms of Use become applicable.


11. Electronic Communications
We will send you information about your account (such as, for example, payment authorizations, bills, password or Payment Method changes, confirmation messages, notifications) only by electronic means, i.e., by email at the email address that you provided when you signed up to the service.


Last revision: April 28, 2023