Arno Rafael Minkkinen
Still Not There

  • Finland, Germany
  • fi
  • en [cc]
  • 50'
Still Not There, Arno Rafael Minkkinen


As we are nude in the significant moments of our existence, why not every once in a while, throughout our lives, see the nudity in ourselves? One of the questions raised by photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen. Firstly in Finland’s bare and frozen landscapes, he plays with his body, with nature and shows us his fantastic and witty entanglements. His self-portraits never seek to glorify the photographer’s body, which appears and disappears in his images like an enigma. Writer Michel Tournier sees his photography as Arabic calligraphy, an abstract and sophisticated sign.

What you will learn in this film...

An original photographer • Nude self-portraits • Humour with nature and the body • The photographer’s private life • The artist’s staging during photo shoots • His words on his work • Experimental videos in which he reveals himself • Scandinavia’s breathtaking nature • The cameras Arno Minkkinen uses • His reflections on life and death • Novelist Michel Tournier’s  perspective • Archive images of the artist’s life • The photographer in his life • The photographer searching for the image

Most photographers look through the view finder. I look at the camera.

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