Foča, Absolut Serbia | Alexis Cordesse

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Foča, Absolut Serbia | Alexis Cordesse


In 1997, Alexis Cordesse photographed the town of Foča in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Five years previously it had been seized by Serbian nationalists. The siege lasted three months; appalling violence was visited on the Muslim and Croat populations. By the time the photographer came, the town had changed its name and the torturers were free. He recorded the traces of atrocities, linking them with testimonies he captured at the scene and accompanied them with extracts from indictments announced by the International Criminal Court.

What you will learn in this film…

The story of a town during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina • Traces of a siege • What locals have to say about the war • How the militias seized Foča • Daily life after the war • A war still present in people's minds • A rostrum camera film • Sound creation in the service of photography A rostrum-camera film • Sound creation in the service of photography

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