Willy Ronis
Selfportrait of
a Photographer

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Willy Ronis, Selfportrait of a Photographer


Willy Ronis embraced with humanism the great social subjects of the 20th century. For this film, he joins in the game of self-portraiture. He looks back on his beginnings, the big issues that shaped his art and the battles he fought so that his photos do not serve as mere illustrations in the press. Browsing through his archives, he delves into the history of his iconic images and invites us to experience the few minutes that preceded them. He also tells us about the importance of baroque music and Flemish painting in his apprenticeship as a photographer, moulding over time a polyphonic art.

What you will find in this film

What photography represents to Willy Ronis • His great photos • A series of self-portraits taken throughout his life • Willy Ronis' family history • A father who is a neighbourhood photographer • His first picture as a photojournalist • His vocation to be a composer • His passion for painting • Painting which taught him photographic composition • The baroque composer baroque who inspired verticality in him • His extreme sensitivity to music • His first photographic bedazzlement • His interest in the east of Paris • The stories behind his great photos • His attachment to the working class and the world of mining • His commitment in the 1940s to have the work of photographers recognised as fully-fledged journalists • Why he stopped offering social subjects to certain magazines • Willy Ronis teacher • The Provencal period • His need to link motion to reflection • His search for balance in the frame • His photograph where luck played the biggest part! • His theory of global vision • The importance of ternary rhythm in art • His "repetition" photos • His estimate of the number of pictures he took in his lifetime • How many photographs he still like to exhibit

When you take a photo, the lens isn't attracted to the key point to the exclusion of all else; it swallows everything: the essential, the incidental and the wrong notes.

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