Les Nuits Photo (LNP) is a film festival dedicated to a new genre: the photographic film. It is an annual festival, in Paris, which also organizes events and screenings outside the capital all year round, free of charge and open to all, offering unrestricted access to an audience that we want to be as wide and as varied as possible.

What is a photographic film? It is a format of artistic expression without borders, the perfect marriage between the poetic intensity of sound and the power of the photographic snapshot, which plunges us into a new dimension, a sensory experience beyond photography, while espousing the cinematic codes.

 At its outset, cinema was seen as an extension of photography, as a moving photographic image. Despite this, photographic and cinematographic creation were considered separately, and their histories written in a disjointed way.

 In recent decades, the boundaries between artistic practices have tended to become increasingly porous. Such cross-seepage gradually leads to the birth of new creative formats and the production of multiple complex, open-ended, hybrid works.

Les Nuits Photo sits at the crossroads of these two arts – and others which incorporate them – and allows their common history to be re-addressed.

By reviving this missing link between stills and motion pictures, Les Nuits Photo becomes a moment of meeting and exchange between creators from two backgrounds, for the moment without a shared meeting place, despite similar creation processes and media. The festival positions itself as a real player in this inter-artistic dynamic and in the circulation of creative practices, through screenings, meetings, debates and training.

Alexe Liebert, artistic director Les Nuits Photo festival



Les Nuits Photo 2022
4 & 5 november 2022 | Paris, France


Poster photo credit :
©Michel Le Belhomme, courtesy Galerie Binome

Les Nuits Photo Film Selection

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4 & 5 november 2022

7 Rue Francis de Pressensé
75014 Paris

Bibliothèque François Villon
81 Bd de la Villette
75010 Paris

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