FAQ / Visionnage

Is it possible to download movies for offline viewing?

Currently, our service does not support downloading movies for offline viewing. We understand that this feature may be important for our users who travel or do not always have access to an Internet connection. We are exploring options to potentially integrate this feature in the future, but at present, all movies must be streamed online through our platform.

Why am I receiving the message "Because of its privacy settings, this video can't be played here" and how can I resolve this issue?

This message typically appears when ad blockers are enabled in your browser. These extensions can interfere with the playback of our videos. To resolve this issue, please temporarily disable your ad blocker for our site. You can do this by going to the settings of your ad-blocking extension and turning off blocking for our domain.

Why can I only see movie trailers?

If you find that you're only able to view movie trailers, it's likely that you're not logged into your account. Our website doesn't keep login sessions active for extended periods, so you'll need to log in each time you visit to access the full content. Make sure you're using the correct email and password associated with your subscription. If you're still experiencing issues, please contact our support team for further assistance.

How can I watch a film on my television?

To watch The Darkroom Rumour on your television you have two options:

• By mirroring your phone screen with ChromeCast for Android or AirPlay for Apple

• Via HDMI connection.

How do I mirror my screen to my TV via ChromeCast or Airplay?

• With ChromeCast: 

Display content from your Android mobile device on your TV when you cast your Android screen.

This feature is only available on Android 8.0 or later devices.

Step 1: First steps

To ensure that your Android device has the power it needs, turn off power saving mode or battery saver.

Important: In order to cast the screen of your Android device, enable permission to access the microphone in the Google Play services app.

On your Android device, tap Parameters.

Scroll downwards, then tap Applications Google Play services Permission.

Locate the "Microphone" option Activate the corresponding access permission.

Step 2: Cast the screen of yourAndroid device

Ensure that your telephone or your tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Chromecast device.

Open the Google Home app.

Touch and hold the tile of the device you want to cast your screen to

Tap the Cast icon to Cast the screen.

Step 3: Adjust the volume when casting your Android screen

Open the Google Home app.

To adjust the volume, tap Multimedia .

Step 4: Stop casting your Android device screen

From the Google Home app

Make sure your phone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as Chromecast.

Open the Google Home app.

Touch and hold your device tile Stop screen mirroring.

• With AirPlay:

Connect your device to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV or AirPlay 2-enabled smart TV

Find the video you want to stream.

Tap the AirPlay icon. In certain apps, you may need to tap another button first. For example, in the Photos app, tap Share, then AirPlay.

Choose Apple TV or AirPlay 2-enabled smart TV.

To stop streaming, tap the AirPlay icon in the original app, then choose iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch from the list.


I'm having trouble casting videos to my TV using Chromecast. What should I do?

If you're experiencing difficulties in casting our videos to your TV using Chromecast, this might be due to how Chromecast handles certain video formats like HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) playlists on some devices. Here's a workaround to help you enjoy our content on a larger screen:

Cast Your Entire Screen:

  • Mobile Devices: Use the 'Cast' or 'Screen Mirroring' feature in your device's settings to mirror your entire screen to Chromecast. Open our website in your mobile browser, play the video, and then switch to full-screen mode.
  • Computers: If using the Chrome browser, click the three dots at the top-right corner, select 'Cast', and then choose 'Cast desktop' from the sources dropdown. Once your desktop is mirrored to your TV, navigate to our website, play the video, and switch to full-screen mode.

Enjoy Full-Screen Playback: Once you've mirrored your screen to Chromecast, ensure that the video on our site is playing in full-screen mode for an optimal viewing experience.

We're working to make the casting process as seamless as possible and apologize for any inconvenience this workaround may cause. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

If this method does not resolve your issue or if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our customer support.

Loading too slow, buffering or stops during viewing?

Your internet speed may be too low. Generally speaking, The Darkroom Rumour is accessible via all connections with speeds greater than 512Kb/s (classic ADSL). Our technology is adaptive: depending on your connection, the image adapts so that the film does not cut. This may involve some loss of quality for lower bitrates.

Your browser or operating system may also be outdated, in which case please update to the most recent system version.

Finally, it is important to disconnect all devices already connected to the platform.

If problems persist, contact Alexis.

Can we download the films?

At the present time, the documentaries on offer are only available for streaming.

Where can I watch The Darkroom Rumour?

The Darkroom Rumour is accessible on all your screens:

- Telephone / Tablet / Computer:

The Darkroom Rumour platform adapts to all your screen sizes. You can watch our films on all these media

- Large screen (TV, video projector):

By mirroring your phone screen with ChromeCast for Android or AirPlay for Apple

 Via HDMI connection.

What subtitle languages are available?

All the films available on The Darkroom Rumour can be viewed in French or with French subtitles. They are also available in English or with English subtitles.