Let Me Capture Your World: Ladakh | Nicolas Henry

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Let Me Capture Your World: Ladakh | Nicolas Henry


Visual artist Nicolas Henry focuses here on three projects reconciling ancestral culture and the rapid development of the Ladakh region in India. Joined on their adventure by a fashion designer and fair trade fan, the team meets the weaver-breeders from the high plateau; students who have built their school by mixing traditional construction techniques and innovative technologies; and sacred art restorers: a project that mobilizes an entire village around its monastery. An energizing journey on the path to an enlightened modernity.

What you will find in this film

An ancestral culture • The shadow of China • The influence of Tibetan Buddhism • Intercultural exchanges • The nomads' difficulties • Life on the high plateau • Weavers in the open air • Village women who have become restaurant owners • A travelling studio • The art of salvage • A Ladakhi designer • Sacred art restorers • An alternative school • Ambitious installations • Good use of battery-powered flash  • Shots in stages • The constraints of working in situ • A giant patchwork • Preparatory sketches • A photographic journey • A dreamlike world • Baroque staging • A collaborative  practice

When the herd of yaks arrives, we will be in the shadows. So we'll have to be mobile with the flashes. There'll be three battery-powered flashes to flash the yaks.

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