Portrait Denis Bourges

Denis Bourges

Portrait Denis Bourges

Photographer Film director

Denis Bourges is a French photographer and filmmaker born in Saint-Brieuc in 1966.

He observes societies behind closed doors. By settling in microcosms, he seeks to reveal universes that coexist without seeing each other, he is interested in boundaries, partitions, and the social links that unite people despite everything. He highlights themes such as social inequalities, cultural boundaries, class differences, the relationships between individuals and their environments.



• USUAL HEROES, Denis Bourges et Monica Rattazzi, éditions de Juillet, 2018

ENTRE 2 MONDES : MONT SAINT-MICHEL, Denis Bourges, Filigranes, 2007

TENDANCE FLOUE : DOUZE POUR UN, Photo Poche, Actes Sud, 2011


Usual Heroes a film by Denis Bourges 2
Denis Bourges |Usual Heroes

A poetic glimpse into the lives of B-movie extras in Hollywood.