Raymond Depardon

Raymond Depardon

Raymond Depardon


Born in 1942 in Villefranche-sur-Saône, Raymond Depardon is not just a photographer; he's a storyteller of our age. With a career spanning over six decades, Depardon's lens has captured the essence of global events, intimate moments, and the ever-changing landscapes of society.

Initially drawn to the bustling streets of Paris, Depardon began his journey in the world of photojournalism. His early years saw him documenting the Algerian War, a pivotal moment that would shape his perspective on conflict and humanity. Joining the Gamma Agency in 1966, he further solidified his reputation as a formidable photojournalist, capturing events from the Vietnam War to the Munich Olympics.

However, it's not just wars and global events that define Depardon's oeuvre. His innate ability to capture the soul of his subjects, whether it's the solitude of urban life in "Manhattan Out" or the raw, unfiltered reality of French rural life in "Profiles Paysans," showcases his versatility and depth.

Depardon's foray into filmmaking added another dimension to his storytelling. His documentaries, often a blend of observation and introspection, have garnered acclaim, notably "Reporters" which offers a behind-the-scenes look at the world of photojournalism.

Yet, amidst the accolades and global recognition, Depardon remains a humble observer, always seeking the next story, the next moment that defines our collective experience. His work, a testament to the power of visual storytelling, continues to inspire generations of photographers and documentarians.



• ERRANCE (Wandering) (2000): An introspective journey through the solitude of cities and countryside.

• LA FRANCE DE RAYMOND DEPARDON (Raymond Depardon's France) (2010): A photographic exploration of France, capturing the genuine essence of its territories and inhabitants.

• PROFILS PAYSANS (Peasant Profiles) (2001-2008): A trilogy dedicated to French rural life, a poignant tribute to the individuals shaping our countryside.

• AFRIQUES: COMMENT ÇA VA AVEC LA DOULEUR? (Africa: How's the Pain?) (2013): A perspective on the African continent, navigating between wars, hopes, and daily life.

• URGENCES (Hospital) (1987): A deep dive into the daily life of a psychiatric hospital, balancing pain and humanity.



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