Harry Gruyaert

Harry Gruyaert

Harry Gruyaert


Born in Antwerp in 1941, Harry Gruyaert stands as a seminal figure in the realm of European photography. In the 1970s, at a time when the black and white medium dominated the European photographic scene, Gruyaert boldly ventured into the world of colour, capturing everyday moments with an unparalleled artistic sensitivity.

Educated in film at the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris, Gruyaert's journeys took him across Europe, North Africa, Asia, and the United States. It was during a sojourn in New York that he encountered the works of American photographers such as Saul Leiter, Joel Meyerowitz, and William Eggleston, whose influences would profoundly shape his artistic trajectory.

In 1981, Gruyaert was inducted into the illustrious Magnum Photos agency. His oeuvre, often likened to painting, is distinguished by its mastery of contrasts, interplay of shadows and light, and audacious use of colour. Whether urban scenes or landscapes, Gruyaert's photographs exude a poetic and melancholic atmosphere.

For Gruyaert, photography transcends mere documentation or storytelling. It is a pure form of expression, a means to capture the very essence of a moment, a place, a light. Today, his work enjoys international acclaim and has been the subject of numerous exhibitions.



SHORES; Harry Gruyaert; Textuel Editions; 2003; France.

TV SHOTS; Harry Gruyaert; Steidl; 2007; Germany.

HARRY GRUYAERT; Harry Gruyaert; Xavier Barral Editions; 2015; France.

EAST/WEST; Harry Gruyaert; Thames & Hudson; 2017; UK.

MOROCCO; Harry Gruyaert; Louis Vuitton Editions; 2017; France.

LAST CALL; Harry Gruyaert; Textuel Editions; 2018; France.

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