Gilad Baram & Josef Koudelka
Photo credit : Omri Livne

Gilad Baram

Gilad Baram & Josef Koudelka
Photo credit : Omri Livne

Film director

Born in Israel in 1981, Gilad Baram is a Berlin-based photographer and filmmaker whose work seamlessly traverses a spectrum of mediums, from photography and film to video, installation, and web art. His artistic endeavours have graced various art institutions and have been showcased in a plethora of international festivals.

Baram's directorial prowess was first unveiled with the critically acclaimed documentary, "Koudelka Shooting Holy Land" (2015, Revised 2019). This debut not only established him as a force to reckon with in the realm of documentary filmmaking but also garnered him numerous accolades.

His subsequent film, "The Disappeared" (2018), co-directed with Adam Kaplan, premiered at the esteemed Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival. This piece further solidified Baram's reputation, earning nominations at prestigious festivals including CPH:DOX in Copenhagen, BAFICI in Buenos-Aires, and Docaviv in Tel-Aviv. It also caught the attention of the First Look Festival at New York's Museum of the Moving Image, Videonale.17 in Bonn, FoR Festival at London's ICA, and was in the running for the Israeli Documentary Film Awards.

Thanks to his singular artistic approach and sharp eye for the world surrounding him, Baram impresses and attracts growing interest from audiences and critics alike.



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Koudelka Shooting Holy Land by Gilad Baram
Koudelka: Shooting Holy Land

The art of photography in a terrain of historical tensions.