Serge Bramly
Photo credit : Radio France

Serge Bramly

Serge Bramly
Photo credit : Radio France

Writer Art critic Screenwriter

Serge Bramly, born in Tunis, embarked on his academic journey at Janson-de-Sailly in Paris. Graduating in Literature in 1968, he ventured to Pakistan as a cooperator. His subsequent move to Brazil saw him transition into a photographer for advertising and fashion. Drawing from his Brazilian experiences, he penned 'Macumba: Dark Forces of Brazil', released by Albin Michel in 1981. A subsequent journey to Peru inspired his award-winning debut novel, 'The Path of a Madman'.

Bramly's multifaceted career spans screenwriting, photography, art criticism, journalism, and publishing. His extensive bibliography includes works on notable figures like Man Ray, Bettina Rheims, and Edward S. Curtis. In 2019, marking the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's passing, Bramly revisited and expanded upon his 1988 tribute to the Renaissance master, published by Jean-Claude Lattès.



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• L’ITINÉRAIRE D’UN FOU - éditions Flammarion ; 1978

• MAN RAY - Pierre Belfond ; 1980

• LÉONARD DE VINCI - éditions Jean-Claude Lattès ; 1988

• CHAMBRE CLOSE - with Bettina Rheims ; Maeght Éditeur ; 1992

• I.N.R.I. - with Bettina Rheims ; éditions Monacelli Press ; 2000

• SHANGHAI - with Bettina Rheims ; Laffont ; 2003



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