Christine Delory-Momberger

Christine Delory-Momberger

Christine Delory-Momberger

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Christine Delory-Momberger is an academic and a photographic artist, whose work delves into the evolving narratives of documentary photography. Her projects explore identity, shaped by personal intimacy, memory, and the interplay between individual and collective histories. Her photographic series often incorporate poetic prose, crafting a unique blend of image and text.

She frequently showcases her work both in France and on the international stage. A prolific writer on the subject of photography, Delory-Momberger has an extensive list of publications to her name, including books and articles in both national and international journals.

She is affiliated with the 'révélateur' agency and is a member of the 'Observatoire Photo Doc', which might be understood as a platform or collective that observes and discusses documentary photography trends and practices.



"Le Geste d'Agata" - Authored by Christine Delory-Momberger, featuring the work of Antoine d'Agata; Published by André Frère Éditions, 2017. [Translation: "The Gesture of Agata"]

"Klavdij Sluban by Christine Delory-Momberger" - Authored by Christine Delory-Momberger, showcasing the art of Klavdij Sluban; André Frère Éditions, 2019.

"Christine Delory-Momberger. Exils/Réminiscences" - A set of three photographic books accompanied by texts from Christine Delory-Momberger, Salah Al Hamdani, and Stéphane Duroy; Published by Arnaud Bizalion Éditeur, 2019. [Translation: "Exiles/Reminiscences"]