Christophe Berthoud
Photo credit : Brigitte Bauer

Christophe Berthoud

Christophe Berthoud
Photo credit : Brigitte Bauer


Graduating from the french National School of Photography (ENSP) in 1992, Christophe Berthoud has since established himself as a prominent historian of photography. His contributions to monographs include Roger Parry, le météore fabuleux (Roger Parry, the Fabulous Meteor) (Marval, 1996), Raymond Voinquel – Les acteurs du rêve (Raymond Voinquel – Actors of the Dream) (Seuil / Éditions du patrimoine, 1997), and Jean Marquis (CRP, 2001). In 2005, Berthoud played a pivotal role in launching the journal Infra-mince (ENSP / Actes Sud), serving as its editorial secretary until 2006. His essay "Banalité, une autre conquête de la photographie" (Banalities, Another Conquest of Photography) was featured in the publication Roger Parry – photographies, dessins, mises en pages (Gallimard / Jeu de Paume, 2007). Berthoud's writings have illuminated the works of contemporary photographers, and he has contributed to the catalogue of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Marseille. He was also involved in interviews with Alain Desvergnes, the founder and first director of ENSP, for the book Paysages portraits – Portraits paysages (Diaphane éditions, 2010). In 2012, he penned 8 / Super 8, an essay on Bernard Plossu's photograms, published by Yellow Now.



1995 - ROGER PARRY: LE MÉTÉORE FABULEUX (Roger Parry: The Fabulous Meteor) - Artist: Roger Parry; Authors: Christophe Berthoud and Christian Bouqueret; Marval.

1997 - RAYMOND VOINQUEL: LES ACTEURS DU RÊVE (Raymond Voinquel: Actors of the Dream) - Artist: Raymond Voinquel; Authors: Christophe Berthoud, Pierre Bonhomme, and Françoise Denoyelle; Editions du Patrimoine.

2013 - L'ABSTRACTION INVISIBLE: ENTRETIEN AVEC CHRISTOPHE BERTHOUD (The Invisible Abstraction: Interview with Christophe Berthoud) - Artist: Bernard Plossu; Textuel.

2012 - 8 / SUPER 8 - Artist: Bernard Plossu; Authors: Christophe Berthoud and Bernard Plossu; Yellow Now.


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