Cédric Delsaux
Photo credit : Swan Delsaux

Cédric Delsaux

Cédric Delsaux
Photo credit : Swan Delsaux


Born in 1974, Cédric Delsaux is a photographer and visual designer. Initially self-taught, Delsaux transitioned into commercial photography but is also celebrated for his personal artistic projects. In his series, where reality and fiction intertwine, he employs juxtaposition and photomontage to delve into the darker aspects and anxieties of the modern world and the human psyche.

In 2005, Delsaux was awarded the "Bourse du Talent" (a prestigious French photography award) for "Dark Lens", a series that superimposed Star Wars characters onto urban and industrial landscapes. In 2010, he was one of the driving forces behind the photographic mission "France(s) territoire liquide" which concluded in 2014. This project aimed to capture the evolving landscapes and territories of France, offering a fresh perspective on the nation's geography.



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