Elisabeth Aubert Schlumberger
Photo credit : Droits réservés

Elisabeth Aubert Schlumberger

Elisabeth Aubert Schlumberger
Photo credit : Droits réservés

Film director Scriptwriter

Elisabeth Aubert Schlumberger, a Paris-based filmmaker, initially embarked on a journey into the world of commerce, studying at New York University (NYU). However, it was during this period that she became captivated by the art and activism of the iconic graffiti artist, Keith Haring. This intrigue culminated in her film, "Drawing the Line", which garnered attention at select film festivals and enjoyed international broadcasts.

Schlumberger's oeuvre is a testament to her versatility and keen eye for storytelling. She has been acclaimed for works such as "Regarde-moi" (1993), "Carpe Diem" (2000), and the evocative "L'autre versant de Gstaad" (2011). Her filmic narratives range from intimate artist portraits to in-depth documentaries exploring specific locales.




• REGARDE-MOI (Look at Me) (1993)

• LES FOUS D'OPÉRA (The Opera Buffs) (1999)

• CARPE DIEM (Seize the Day) (2000)

• L'AUTRE VERSANT DE GSTAAD (The Other Side of Gstaad) (2011)



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