Villi Hermann - Film Director @Imagofilm

Villi Hermann

Villi Hermann - Film Director @Imagofilm

Film Director

Born in 1941 in Lucerne, Switzerland, Villi Hermann is a filmmaker whose work has quietly made an impact. Active since 1969, Hermann has a portfolio that includes not just feature films but also significant documentaries.

His 1981 feature, "The Homeless One," was selected for the 13th Moscow International Film Festival, and his 1989 film "Bankomatt," featuring Bruno Ganz, was part of the 39th Berlin International Film Festival. But it's in the realm of documentary where Hermann truly shines, capturing stories often overlooked by mainstream cinema.

 A retrospective of his work was presented at the Solothurn Festival in January 2021, underlining the enduring relevance of his films. While his focus is predominantly Swiss, the universal themes he explores have given his work international resonance.


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