Sara Imloul
Photo credit : cinq26

Sara Imloul

Sara Imloul
Photo credit : cinq26

Photographer Plastic Artist

Sara Imloul, a photographer and visual artist born in the mid-1980s, resides in Paris. Her artistic journey began in earnest in 2008 when she delved into the realm of calotype with her series "Le Cirque Noir." By 2012, she embraced large format photography, employing a 4x5 inch camera for her "Négatifs" series. The subsequent year saw her venturing into video with "T.R.E.S.E.D," collaborating with a performer from Nantes.

2014 marked a shift in her approach with "Das Schloss," a more introspective and autofictional series that incorporated drawings and collages. This body of work culminated in a publication by Éditions Filigranes, and a film by Thomas Goupille provided an intimate look into one of her photoshoots.

In recognition of her exceptional talent, Sara was awarded the Levallois Prize in 2019 for "Passages, de l’Ombre aux Images." The following year, she embarked on a collaborative endeavour with sculptor Nicolas Lefebvre, resulting in the creation of "À Quatre Mains."



NÉGATIFS - artist: Sara Imloul ; author: Jean-Kenta Gaultier ; 2012 ; in coedition with Sara Imloul and Angélique Delabre ; in French

DAS SCHLOSS (LE CHÂTEAU) - artist: Sara Imloul ; author: Michel Gaillot ; 2014 ; Filigranes editions ; in French



Sara Imloul | Das Schloss

The art of calotype: Reviving historical photographic methods.