Valentin Sidorenko

Valentin Sidorenko

Valentin Sidorenko

Film Director Photographer

Valentin Sidorenko was born in 1995 in the small town Gornyak, which is situated in Altai Krai on the border of Russia and Kazakhstan, where the scenery is full of the endless expanse. He graduated from VGIK — Russian State University of Cinematography with a major in Animation and Multimedia (Moscow, Russia), also he graduated from Fotografika — the Academy of Documentary and Art Photography (St. Petersburg, Russia).

He works with documentary films, photography, and animation. All these practices come down to one thing for him — shamanism. ‘ The story wants to be told. But its main thing is the air.’
Sidorenko adores digging through the discovered archives and plays the detective. He scans for interesting people in the streets and writes his dreams down. Also, in collaboration with Carolina Dutca they are reminiscing about fairy tales.

If it weren’t art, Sidorenko would work as a train conductor.


Roots of the Heart Fond
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Photographs as a bridge between generations and time.