In seven stories centred on Pigalle, the 2022 edition of the MAP Toulouse Photo Festival (held from June 3 to June 19 in Toulouse) traces the career of photographer Jane Evelyn Atwood.
Presented in the setting of the Château de Laréole, this retrospective exhibition is accompanied by a documentary film, an original production by The Darkroom Rumour, in which the Franco-American artist looks back on the beginnings of her photographic practice in the secrets of forbidden Paris.


This year, more than ten photographic exhibitions are being hosted by the former postal sorting centre at Toulouse Matabiau station. This variety of points of view, expertise and practices makes it possible to question the very nature of the photographic object.

To evoke the image's physical dimension, we have chosen (from The Darkroom Rumour's programming) three films on the artist Odile Bernard Schröder, in which she uses historical photochemical processes to create art. It's a way to rediscover the materiality of the photographic object, and also a tribute to artists' undying spirit of initiative when faced with the photographic medium.


In addition to being screened on site, these four films will be freely accessible via The Darkroom Rumour site for the duration of the festival.


Ulrich Lebeuf,
Artistic Director

Photo-credit : Cha Gonzales

The MAP Festival 2022 Film Selection

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Jane Evelyn Atwood is an independent woman and photographer whose freedom has been forged both through her experiences and the struggles she wages in life to protect her creative space.  But this freedom is tenuous. It must be regained with each act, each decision, each gesture and it requires unfailing integrity and authenticity. Freedom is not easy. It is a constant vigil of the self and others in a relationship of otherness that must be reinvented with each event, each encounter and each commitment.

Further exploration



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JANE EVELYN ATWOOD PHOTO POCHE #125 - author: Catherine Chaine ; 2010 ; Centre National de la Photographie ; French 

HAÏTI - artist: Jane Evelyn Atwood ; author: Lyonel Trouillot ; 2008 ; Actes Sud ; French

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PIERRE CORDIER - CHIMIGRAMMES 1979 - Artist & author : Pierre Cordier ; Ed. BNF ; 2002

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