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There were photographers who, as soon as the first darkrooms appeared, persisted in unveiling the naked truth...
- Agnès Giard
DK2R Team

The view camera has long been the preserve of advertising or architectural photography, for which its film format offered unparalleled finesse, and which made use of its tilting and shifting powers in order to correct perspectives. 
These large "camera obscura" were only rarely used elsewhere because they were heavy and required stands, greedy for light, forcing you to load the film frame by frame (with the risk of losing the dot made beforehand on the frosted glass).
And yet, digital has not deflated the soufflé! Their success is even growing in unexpected areas. 
These ancient instruments reconnect with the original device of photography, recreating this aura of magic: the black veil, the shutter release, the pause... 
They also guarantee savings in activation.
Freed from the "techno" aspect, they have joined the so-called alternative tools, and now even represent a certain form of photographic craftsmanship.

Films on the theme

Sara Imloul | Das Schloss

The art of calotype: Reviving historical photographic methods.

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The poetic enigmas of the “castle”

This film will carry you away to a shoot amidst the poetic and mysterious staging of Sara Imloul. Inspired by the calotypes whose codes she adopts, with her view camera she photographs directly onto paper negatives.

From the shooting set to her nearby lab, we follow the comings and goings of an artist busy creating.

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Inside | Frédéric Fontenoy

Delving into the 1930s-inspired world of Frédéric Fontenoy's erotic art.

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Intimate rooms

This film will introduce you to an original face of erotic photography captured in a bedroom. In just one room, Frédéric Fontenoy stages his models and revisits the imaginary 1930s with each shooting session.

From Polaroid shots to set and scenery, he composes and recomposes his picture in consultation with his models. Later, under the implacable eye of Diamantino Quintas, master of the large format, the photo is revealed.

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South Africa, Chromatic Existences: David Goldblatt & Mikhael Subotzky

Exploring crime and aftermath in South Africa's streets.

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David Goldblatt's View Camera...

South Africa is commonly associated with violence, through its history, of course, but also as a mirror of an all-pervasive global violence. David Goldblatt, himself a victim in his country, has chosen to photograph the criminals in large format, drive them to the scene of their crime and listen to their story...

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NÉGATIFS - artist: Sara Imloul ; author: Jean-Kenta Gaultier ; 2012 ; in coedition with Sara Imloul and Angélique Delabre ; in French

DAS SCHLOSS (LE CHÂTEAU) - artist: Sara Imloul ; author: Michel Gaillot ; 2014 ; Filigranes editions ; in French

INSIDE - artist: Frédéric Fontenoy ; authors: Véronique Bergen, Laurent de Sutter and Ludovic de Vita ;  2016 ; Alkama ; Escourbiac ; in French, English, Chinese

PHOTOGRAPHIES 2006-2011 - artist: Frédéric Fontenoy ; authors: Jacques Henric, Lionel Dax ; 2011 ; Alkama ; in French and English

• EX OFFENDERS AT THE SCENE OF CRIME - artist: David Goldblatt ; 2020 ; Steidl Verlag 

• DAVID GOLDBLATT: STRUCTURES OF DOMINION AND DEMOCRACY - artist: David Goldblatt ; authors: Ivor Powell and Karolina Ziebinska-Lewandowska ; 2018 ; Steidl