Romy Alizée
Photo credit : Patrick Cockpit

Romy Alizée

Romy Alizée
Photo credit : Patrick Cockpit

Film Director Photographer Actress

Born in 1989 in Les Sables d'Olonne, of Franco-Greek parents, Romy Alizée is an artist, photographer, director and actress.

In 2010, in parallel to her training as an actress, she poses as a model. These experiences are the origin of her photographic work. She creates analogue black and white self- portraits, with a cleverly orchestrated staging, in which she questions the voyeurism of the spectators. Through her photographs, Romy Alizée works on emancipation through the body, the affirmation of a queer desire and claims a right to deviance. She thus subverts the male gaze by reappropriating the dominant perspective. Humour being never far away.

Her photographic eye and her taste for staging extend to those close to her: queer activists, trans people, sex workers, whom she regularly photographs, offering a gallery of sensitive portraits, contemporary archives of the activist milieu.

Her work has been the subject of a first book, Furie, published by Maria Inc. and of several self-published fanzines, as well as portfolios published in the press (Fisheye magazine, Les Inrocks...).

She extended her photographic and narrative work to film, by co-directing with the actress Laure Giappiconi a first short film composed of a hundred silver photographs: Romy & Laure... and the Secret of the Furniture Man. Two other films were made: Romy & Laure... and The Mystery of the Enchanted Plug, then, Romy & Laure... Drawn into the Time Hole.

Romy Alizée regularly works with the newspaper Libération as a portraitist.



TOF ZINE #2 LE CLUB DES FEMMES - artist : Romy Alizée ;  476 Editions ; 2019

FURIE - artist : Romy Alizée ;  Maria Inc Editions ; 2018




• FIST - directed by Romy Alizée (2021)

• ROMY & LAURE… ET LE MYSTÈRE DU PLUG ENCHANTÉ - Directed by Laure Giappiconi & Romy Alizée (2021)

• ROMY & LAURE… ET LE SECRET DE L’HOMME MEUBLE - Directed by Laure Giappiconi & Romy Alizée (2019)