Romy Alizée
Photo credit : Patrick Cockpit

Romy Alizée

Romy Alizée
Photo credit : Patrick Cockpit

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Hailing from Les Sables d’Olonne and born in 1989 to Franco-Greek parents, Romy Alizée is a multifaceted talent: an artist, photographer, filmmaker, and actress.

In 2010, while honing her acting skills, she ventured into modeling for various photographers. These experiences sharpened her artistic vision. She began crafting analog, black-and-white self-portraits that were both daring and meticulously staged. Her aim? To challenge the voyeuristic tendencies of viewers. Through her images, Romy Alizée delves into bodily emancipation, champions queer sensuality, and asserts a certain defiance. She cleverly subverts the traditional male gaze, reclaiming it with a hint of playful wit.

Her lens doesn't solely focus on herself. She also captures those around her: queer individuals, transgender personalities, and sex workers. The result is a poignant portrait gallery, bearing witness to contemporary activist movements.

Her work has culminated in a book titled "Furie", published by Maria Inc. She's also self-published various fanzines and has had portfolios featured in magazines such as Fisheye and Les Inrocks.

Film is another medium she's explored. Alongside actress Laure Giappiconi, she co-directed a unique short film, a collage of hundreds of analog photographs: "Romy & Laure… and The Secret of the Furniture Man". Two more intriguing pieces followed: "Romy & Laure… and The Mystery of the Enchanted Plug" and "Romy & Laure… Swept Away by The Spatio-Temporal Void".

Romy Alizée frequently lends her portraiture skills to the french newspaper, Libération.



TOF ZINE #2 LE CLUB DES FEMMES - artist : Romy Alizée ;  476 Editions ; 2019

FURIE - artist : Romy Alizée ;  Maria Inc Editions ; 2018




• FIST - directed by Romy Alizée (2021)

• ROMY & LAURE… ET LE MYSTÈRE DU PLUG ENCHANTÉ - Directed by Laure Giappiconi & Romy Alizée (2021)

• ROMY & LAURE… ET LE SECRET DE L’HOMME MEUBLE - Directed by Laure Giappiconi & Romy Alizée (2019)


Romy et Laure et le mystère de l'homme meuble0003
Romy & Laure… and the secret of the furniture man

Delve into the whimsical and erotic adventures of Romy & Laure.

Romy & Laure and the enchanted plug 2
Romy & Laure and the Mystery of the Enchanted Plug

A daring erotic tale unveiling female sexuality with humor and art.

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Photography as a tool for empowerment and artistic expression.