Les Rencontres d’Arles is a great chance for us to shine our spotlight and is too good an opportunity to miss!

To begin with, discover Dolorès, about the artist Dolorès Marat. Everything in Thomas Goupille's film about Dolores Marat is an outcropping of softness and delicacy... But how can we approach this photographer of the sensitive, the intangible, the tenuous, all those little things that make up our intimate geography and open us up to the beauty of the world... wrote author and academic Christine Delory-Momberger about the film. We hope you will agree...

We continue our Carte Blanche with the film Saul Leiter: In No Great Hurry. [Saul Leiter] definitely thought a lot about how he saw the world. And I know he didn’t agree with leaving a legacy as such, but he did have thoughts about photography, and life that were worth sharing. So maybe I was someone he could communicate with the world through director Tomas Leach told us in an interview. We'll leave you to discover this unique moment...

From Lucien Clergue, we sometimes think we know it all, the nudes of the wave, "los toros"... This Arlesian – passionate lover of the Camargue, with a deeply Mediterranean eye – was behind the meetings with Jean-Maurice Rouquette and Michel Tournier. The film à la mort à la vie restores all of his depth and also his complexity, and pays homage to the man without whom photography would not have the same institutional recognition today.

Finally, you can delve into the history of the Rencontres with an interview with Bernard Perrine, one of its founders and directors...


Dolorès Marat is exhibited from 3 July to 24 September 2023 at Crosière, Saul Leiter at the Palais de l'Archevêché.




Arles 2023 Film Selection

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