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Dive into the art of visual storytelling with The Darkroom Rumour's handpicked collection of documentaries on photography. From the intimate tales of renowned photographers to the exploration of photographic techniques and histories, our library is a gateway to seeing the world through a different lens. Explore, learn, and be inspired by the unique perspectives and captivating stories that each film offers. New films are added each month.


Behind the yellow door_@lucas vernier_latelier documentaire001 - COVER
Behind the Yellow Door | Lutz Dille
France - 2015 fr en

A masterclass on the art of seeing the world.

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Mala Madre - A film by Céline Croze 2
Mala Madre | Céline Croze
France - 2023 es en

A supernatural journey into the heart of Venezuelan tragedy.

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Gilbert Garcin Tout peut arriver 0000
Gilbert Garcin: Anything Could Happen...
France - 2015 fr en

Garcin proves it's never too late for artistic success.

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Roots of the Heart Fond
movie category
Roots of the heart Grow Together | Valentin Sidorenko
Russie - 2019 ru

Photographs as a bridge between generations and time.

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Harry Gruyaert Photographer 0
Harry Gruyaert, photographer
Belgique - 2018 fr en [cc]

A master of colour at work...

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Christian Boltanski dead or alive a film by gerald fox 0
Christian Boltanski: Dead or Alive?
Royaume-Uni - 1994 en [cc]

Boltanski's world: A blend of sculpture, photography, and history.

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Jacqueline Salmon ou l'art danavncer masquée 12
Jacqueline Salmon
France - 2015 fr No subtitles yet - COMING SOON!

The art of capturing moments: A photographic exploration.

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Dolorès - a film by Thomas Goupille - Cover
movie category
Dolorès Marat | Dolorès
France - 2022 fr en

Delving into the essence of photography through an artistic lens.

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The Fundamental Gilbert & George a film by Gerald Fox - 4
The Fundamental Gilbert & George
Royaume-Uni - 1997 en [cc]

Provocative artistry and British wit in East End London.

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Si L'Inde m'était contée0008
Let Me Capture Your World: Ladakh | Nicolas Henry
France - 2017 en [cc]

The art of visual storytelling in Ladakh's landscapes.

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Back To The Stars - Cedric Delsaux - un film de Thomas Goupille 0
movie category
Shooting Stars I Cédric Delsaux
France - 2018 fr en

Blending sci-fi with urban landscapes in stunning photography.

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Si L'Inde m'était contée0004
Let Me Capture Your World: The Maharajas | Nicolas Henry
France - 2017 en [cc]

Exploring the legacy of India's maharajas in photos.

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Sara Imloul | Das Schloss
France - 2015 fr en

The art of calotype: Reviving historical photographic methods.

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Still Not There, Arno Rafael Minkkinen
Finlande, Allemagne - 1996 fi en [cc]

Nude, natural, and nuanced: The art of Arno Rafael Minkkinen.

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Pierre Molinier | The Legs of the Saint-Pierre Quarter
France - 2013 fr en

Exploring the daring and transgressive works of Pierre Molinier.

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movie category
Inside | Frédéric Fontenoy
France - 2017 fr en

Delving into the 1930s-inspired world of Frédéric Fontenoy's erotic art.

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