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Dive into the art of visual storytelling with The Darkroom Rumour's handpicked collection of documentaries on photography. From the intimate tales of renowned photographers to the exploration of photographic techniques and histories, our library is a gateway to seeing the world through a different lens. Explore, learn, and be inspired by the unique perspectives and captivating stories that each film offers. New films are added each month.


Harold Feinstein | Last Stop Coney Island
Royaume-Uni - 2019 en en

An intimate glimpse into the life and legacy of an acclaimed street photographer.

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Behind the yellow door_@lucas vernier_latelier documentaire001 - COVER
Behind the Yellow Door | Lutz Dille
France - 2015 fr en

A masterclass on the art of seeing the world.

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The Celestial Darkroom - Jean Hermanson 10 - COVER
The Celestial Darkroom |Jean Hermanson
Suède - 2017 sv en

A major yet little-known photographic legacy...

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Hors-Champs : Meeting Fred Goyeau
France - 2022 fr

Unveiling the Secrets of a Darkroom Master's Craft.

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Koudelka Shooting Holy Land by Gilad Baram
Koudelka: Shooting Holy Land
Israël, Allemagne - 2019 en en

The art of photography in a terrain of historical tensions.

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A Film About-With Anders Petersen by JH Engstrom - 8
A Film About/With Anders Petersen
Suède - 2006 sv en

Engström's lens delves into Petersen's raw photographic soul.

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F de Fontcuberta 06
F for Fontcuberta
Espagne - 2005 ca en

Enjoy the art of deception and photomontage!

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Gilbert Garcin Tout peut arriver 0000
Gilbert Garcin: Anything Could Happen...
France - 2015 fr en

Garcin proves it's never too late for artistic success.

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Christian Boltanski dead or alive a film by gerald fox 0
Christian Boltanski: Dead or Alive?
Royaume-Uni - 1994 en [cc]

Boltanski's world: A blend of sculpture, photography, and history.

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Dolorès - a film by Thomas Goupille - Cover
movie category
Dolorès Marat | Dolorès
France - 2022 fr en

Delving into the essence of photography through an artistic lens.

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Film On Film 03
A Film On Film | Selina Mayer
Royaume-Uni - 2017 en [cc]

A cinematic circle: Photographing the photographer's instinct.

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Robert Frank | Leaving Home, Coming Home
Royaume-Uni - 2004 en [cc]

The transformative power of photography in life's chapters.

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African Photo : Mama Casset
France - 2014 fr en

Exploring the legacy of Mama Casset, the Senegalese portrait master.

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movie category
Roland Dufau | Cibachrome Printer
France - 2015 fr en

Discover the lost art of Cibachrome in this revealing journey.

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Lucien Clergue, Unto Death, Unto Life
France - 2008 fr en

Crafting timeless images from life's simplest moments.

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Bettina Rheims, My Life
Allemagne - 2005 fr en

From conception to print: Bettina Rheims' photographic legacy.

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