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Dive into the art of visual storytelling with The Darkroom Rumour's handpicked collection of documentaries on photography. From the intimate tales of renowned photographers to the exploration of photographic techniques and histories, our library is a gateway to seeing the world through a different lens. Explore, learn, and be inspired by the unique perspectives and captivating stories that each film offers. New films are added each month.


Harold Feinstein | Last Stop Coney Island
Royaume-Uni - 2019 en en

An intimate glimpse into the life and legacy of an acclaimed street photographer.

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Behind the yellow door_@lucas vernier_latelier documentaire001 - COVER
Behind the Yellow Door | Lutz Dille
France - 2015 fr en

A masterclass on the art of seeing the world.

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The Celestial Darkroom - Jean Hermanson 10 - COVER
The Celestial Darkroom |Jean Hermanson
Suède - 2017 sv en

A major yet little-known photographic legacy...

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Mala Madre - A film by Céline Croze 2
Mala Madre | Céline Croze
France - 2023 es en

A supernatural journey into the heart of Venezuelan tragedy.

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Joel Meyerowitz – The Pulse of the Street
France - 2016 en en [cc]

Explore the evolution of street photography with Joel Meyerowitz.

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Cover Encerclés
France - 2022 es en

Witness the resilience of the Zapatista community in Chiapas.

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From Somewhere to Nowher - a film by Villi Herman on The Darkroom Rumour - 01
From Somewhere to Nowhere
Suisse - 2008 en [cc]

Seibert's lens explores the reality behind China's growth.

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Koudelka Shooting Holy Land by Gilad Baram
Koudelka: Shooting Holy Land
Israël, Allemagne - 2019 en en

The art of photography in a terrain of historical tensions.

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A Film About-With Anders Petersen by JH Engstrom - 8
A Film About/With Anders Petersen
Suède - 2006 sv en

Engström's lens delves into Petersen's raw photographic soul.

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FocKan - La nuit du chasseur - Cover
movie category
Foc Kan, Night of the Hunter
France - 2011 fr en

Capturing the ephemeral: Foc Kan's take on Parisian nightlife.

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F de Fontcuberta 06
F for Fontcuberta
Espagne - 2005 ca en

Enjoy the art of deception and photomontage!

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Usual Heroes a film by Denis Bourges 2
Usual Heroes | Denis Bourges
France - 2018 en [cc]

A poetic glimpse into the lives of B-movie extras in Hollywood.

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Karl de Keyser OdysSea a film by Jimmy Kets
Carl de Keyzer | OdysSea
Belgique - 2013 nl en

A poignant exploration of seas and selves by De Keyzer.

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Paradise Fond
movie category
Paradise | Maxime Riché
France - 2021 en [cc]

Maxime Riché captures the heart of a community reborn from flames

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Christian Boltanski dead or alive a film by gerald fox 0
Christian Boltanski: Dead or Alive?
Royaume-Uni - 1994 en [cc]

Boltanski's world: A blend of sculpture, photography, and history.

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The Lost Empira - a film by Fouad Elkoury & Emmanuel Bacquet 0
The Lost Empire | Fouad Elkoury
Liban - 2019 fr en

Capturing the silence of the Soviet Union's lost bases.

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