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Dive into the art of visual storytelling with The Darkroom Rumour's handpicked collection of documentaries on photography. From the intimate tales of renowned photographers to the exploration of photographic techniques and histories, our library is a gateway to seeing the world through a different lens. Explore, learn, and be inspired by the unique perspectives and captivating stories that each film offers. New films are added each month.


Mala Madre - A film by Céline Croze 2
Mala Madre | Céline Croze
France - 2023 es en

A supernatural journey into the heart of Venezuelan tragedy.

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Cover Encerclés
France - 2022 es en

Witness the resilience of the Zapatista community in Chiapas.

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Cover Les ruines de ce rêve
The Ruins of this Dream
France - 2022 ie en

A cinematic tapestry of 1432 cyanotypes, capturing post-industrial transformation.

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Usual Heroes a film by Denis Bourges 2
Usual Heroes | Denis Bourges
France - 2018 en [cc]

A poetic glimpse into the lives of B-movie extras in Hollywood.

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Roots of the Heart Fond
movie category
Roots of the heart Grow Together | Valentin Sidorenko
Russie - 2019 ru

Photographs as a bridge between generations and time.

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Paradise Fond
movie category
Paradise | Maxime Riché
France - 2021 en [cc]

Maxime Riché captures the heart of a community reborn from flames

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NullaDiesSineLinea photo
Nulla Dies Sine Linea | Eric de Roquefeuil
France - 2020 fr en

A photographic journey into an artist's pursuit of inspiration.

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The Lost Empira - a film by Fouad Elkoury & Emmanuel Bacquet 0
The Lost Empire | Fouad Elkoury
Liban - 2019 fr en

Capturing the silence of the Soviet Union's lost bases.

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Peines - a film by Valerie Winckler - 3
Peines | Valérie Winckler
France - 1991 fr en

Winckler explores the power of photography and sound

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Romy & Laure and the enchanted plug 2
Romy & Laure and the Mystery of the Enchanted Plug
France - 2020 fr en

A daring erotic tale unveiling female sexuality with humor and art.

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Romy et Laure et le mystère de l'homme meuble0003
Romy & Laure… and the secret of the furniture man
France - 2019 fr en

Delve into the whimsical and erotic adventures of Romy & Laure.

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The Parade - A Post-industrial Tale | Samuel Bollendorff
France - 2017 fr en

A visual narrative of life after the industrial curtain falls.

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Gender Studies | Bettina Rheims
France - 2012 fr en

Challenging norms: A cinematic journey into gender fluidity.

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Foča, Absolut Serbia | Alexis Cordesse
France - 1997 sr en

Foča's story told in images, a testament to survival and memory.

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Itsembatsemba. Rwanda, one genocide later | Alexis Cordesse
France - 1997 fr en

Visually narrating Rwanda's path from genocide to healing.

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Burundi under Terror | Alexis Cordesse
France - 1996 fr en

Documenting hope amid despair in post-conflict Burundi.

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